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Fire door maintenance

Fire door maintenance is an essential practice for preserving the functionality and reliability of fire doors in a building. Regular maintenance helps ensure that the doors remain in optimal condition to effectively contain fire and smoke during emergencies.

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Fire Door Maintenace

  • Fire Doors are generally in constant use. Entrance or lobby doors are generally kept shut, so are opened constantly. Riser doors are less frequently used.
  • As you don’t know when you’ll need the Fire Door to perform as a Fire Door, you need to ensure that all the Fire Doors are maintained, so when they are required, they are operational. The last thing you want is a Fire Door that won’t close.
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Fire Door maintenance

We can provide a Fire Door maintenance programme for your portfolio of doors, based on our inspections or your internal inspections. This would be a fixed price per maintenance item, so you can call us out when you spot an issue with a Fire Door, for it to be remediated as soon as practical.

If the door is operating, but there are minor maintenance points, we can complete these tasks;

    • Hinges leaking and need to be replaced
    • Door has come out of alignment with the frame and need adjusting
    • Loose locks/ironmongery
    • Missing signage
    • Missing screws
    • Door stop broken
    • Leaking door closer

Ensure Lasting Protection

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