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Fire door remediation works

Fire door remediation works refer to the corrective actions taken to address any deficiencies or non-compliance issues identified during fire door inspections or maintenance. These remediation works aim to rectify problems and bring the fire doors up to the required standards and regulations.

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Fire Door Remediation Works

Fire Doors can fail a visual inspection for different reasons. Some are minor reason and some are major reasons. Minor reasons can generally be rectified by using skilled operatives or by installing post manufacturing companents.

Minor Fails

Typical minor fails would be:-

  • Door hinges are leaking oil
  • Missing signage
  • Gap too large at bottom of door to threshold
  • Gaps too large around sides and top of door to frame
  • Missing or damaged intumescent strips

This fails can be rectified, with methods such as:-

  • Clean hinges and check next inspection for possible replacement
  • Supply and install new signage
  • Install surface mounted door threshold to bottom of door
  • Adjust frame to close gaps around door
  • Replace intumescent strips

We can complete the works on an individual case by case door, or provide a bulk price for remediation over a portfolio of doors.

We cannot remediate a door that is damaged/cut, as it is no longer certified by the manufacturer. It is considered to be a Nominal door. A nominal door is a door that appears to perform like a fire door but is no longer certified. Although there are methods of repairing a nominal door, but it will never be a certified fire door again.

We can discuss remediation options available and repair techniques if you need the door to remain in place on a temporary or permanent basis

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